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It's time to sell, maybe going bigger, going smaller, taking care of an estate, or moving away; no matter what the reason for selling, it can be stressful. To ease that stress you make the choice to work with professionals who know the industry, where the market is at for your neighborhood and what can be done to get you the best price in your sale.

The age old saying of "Honesty is the best policy" is something out team firmly believes in; Tony's decades of experience have trained him how to price a property so it sells, to tell you what adjustments may need to be done before the property is ready to be put on the market, and even give suggestions on how to stage your property to make it most appealing to a buyer.

We work closely with numerous trade businesses, cleaners, and stagers so if you require extra assistance we are able to provide you with that information.

Selling your home is not a job we take lightly, we acknowledge the level of trust you bestow upon us, there are many REALTORS® out there and we appreciate each and every client who makes the choice to work with us, refer us, and chooses to work with us again and again.

Please click through our various links set up to answer some of your questions about selling a home, but if you would prefer to chat with us, click over to Contact and give us a call; we’re here to help you.