Selling A Home

Starting the Process

Getting ready to sell? Move your property fast – and for the highest selling price possible – with these easy, affordable tips. These deal-sealing changes will make your home attractive to the largest pool of potential buyers, and the best part is, you can start at any stage in the game. Who knows – you may love your home’s new look so much that you decide not to list after all!

Getting Your Home Ready

3 Easy Tips

1. Paint!

Dollar for dollar, a fresh coat of paint gives you more bang for your decorating buck than anything else. Even if your current palette is relatively new, any scuffs or wear marks will channel an unkempt vibe. And an unusual colour choice – even if the height of fashion – may limit your home’s appeal. So break out that roller and slap on a couple coats of crowd-pleasing warm white or sand paint.

2. Improve the lighting

Replace any dated light fixtures ASAP. How can you tell if it has to go? If it’s over 15 years old and looks it – yet isn’t a vintage (50-75 years old) or antique piece (older) – it should probably go. “Retro” is not something most homebuyers are looking for. You don’t need to break the bank, just head to Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

3. De-clutter

Take the collectibles off the mantel, put the mismatched armchair into storage (or better yet, donate it) and pare your closets down to what you’re actually wearing this season, packing away the rest. Ideally, all this extra stuff would head to charity (if in good, saleable condition), the garbage dump, or into storage. The more you store onsite, the more cluttered and small your home appears.

The Negotiation Process


With rare exception, negotiating the transaction is the most complex part of selling a home, particularly in a buyers’ market. At the same time, it’s the one that can involve the most creativity. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced and savvy REALTOR® who has successfully worked through many different transaction scenarios.


It’s crucial to keep certain aspects of your selling situation (e.g. your finances, why you’re selling, how urgent you are) as concealed as possible from the buyer and buyer’s agent. Remember, it’s the job of the buyer’s agent to get the best deal they can for their client, so any vulnerability you show could end up compromising your position and costing you thousands of dollars. This is not the same, however, as expressing your priorities very clearly throughout the negotiations. Properly done, the firm statement of your priorities will strengthen your position. It is your REALTOR’s responsibility to make sure the buyer and buyer’s agent only know what they’re legally entitled to know and, beyond that, what you want them to know.


If, during the negotiations, you can find out more about the buyer’s priorities you’ll not only improve your position, but you’ll also be able to resolve any obstacles more creatively and sensitively. For instance, if a buyer is adamant about the sale price – perhaps because they love your property, but they’re at the limits of their available financing – they might be more flexible about the closing date or willing to make concessions about some other terms. There are no “one size fits all” approaches to negotiating, particularly in the current market. In principle, though, the more you know about the buyer’s priorities, the more you’ll be able to work with them in order to achieve your own priorities.


While your home’s sale price will generally be the focus of negotiations, often both you and the buyer will have specific needs such that the terms of purchase can significantly influence the final deal. Additionally, it is in relation to the terms – which can represent thousands of dollars in value – where you can get most creative when it comes to resolving the obstacles to transacting.

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Preparing for the Move


Let’s face it: Unless you’re a minimalist, moving is one of the most excruciating household tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. If you can get a head start and stay organized, you should make it through this mammoth process relatively unscathed and ready to enjoy your new abode.

The process to hiring a moving company can seem daunting, but following these tips can help you choose the right movers for your needs.

Considerations for Hiring a Mover

  • Ask for Recommendations

    Do an Internet search for Canadian moving companies and read customer reviews on each company’s website. You can also use a customer review website like the Better Business Bureau to check a company’s credentials.

  • Take Inventory Before The Move

    Create a detailed list of everything you’ll want moved. Having an inventory allows the each company to give you a better estimate and is helpful if any belongings get misplaced or damaged during the move.

  • Get Estimates

    Get estimates from your top choices, being sure to ask about any hidden fees or extra charges. For long-distance moves, you’ll want a company that will come out to your house to see all your items and give you a better idea of costs.

Still looking for a little help? Connect with one of our trusted moving partners.

Trusted Moving Partners

If you’re looking to save on the cost of hiring movers, renting a truck can be a great option. Although it is a more economical option, it is important to consider all the costs and work involved before you choose to go down the do-it-yourself route.

Considerations for DIY Moving

  • Get the Right-Size Truck

    The most common mistake is renting a truck that is too small to fit your all stuff. To save yourself the headache of making multiple trips, we suggest opting for a truck that is one size larger than you need. While your costs may increase a by few dollars, it is well worth the money.

  • Buy Insurance

    Most people don’t drive 26-foot trucks on a daily basis and even the slightest damage to the truck can cost thousands. While some credit cards cover rental car insurance, most do not cover any kind of vehicle used for moving.

  • Hire Help

    Asking your friends for help is great, but can get a little sticky when things don’t go according to plan. Consider hiring moving labor to assist with the loading and unloading of the truck.

U-haul Truck Rental
Discount Truck Rental
Budget Truck Rental
Whether there’s a delay between getting the keys to your new place, or perhaps you’ve realized you’ve got too many belongings to fit into your new place, storage is always a good option to keep your stuff safe at a reasonable cost.

Considerations for Renting Self-Storage Units

  • Get the Right-Size Unit

    The most common mistake is renting a storage space that is too small to fit your all stuff. To save yourself the headache of not having enough room, we suggest opting for a space that is one size larger than you need. While your costs may increase a by few dollars, it is well worth the money.

  • Opt for Climate Controlled Units

    If you’re storing temperature-sensitive items like wine, wood or leather furniture or artwork, climate control is a must.

  • Verify Insurance

    Although some facilities offer insurance coverage, most won’t cover any damages to your belongings. Clarify if your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover you.


Stressless Selling

Prepare your house — and yourself

When selling a home (or anything else for that matter), a coordinated marketing effort makes a big difference on finding the right buyer for the right price. This is especially true in a buyers’ market where the homes sitting on the market seemingly outnumber the potential home buyers. Learn how to distinguish your home from the rest and highlight its qualities in the best way possible.


Need some real estate marketing ideas? That’s what we’re here for. We’ve got great advice on marketing and how to generate more real estate leads. From virtual open houses to marketing for millennials, contact us to kick start your marketing campaign.

Proven real estate marketing

  • Differentiate From the Neighbors – In order to attract attention and to make your home more memorable, consider custom designs or additions, such as landscaping, high-grade windows or a new roof.

  • Sweeten the Deal – Another way to make the home and deal more attractive to buyers is to offer things or terms that might sweeten the pot.

  • Pricing It Right – Regardless of how well you renovate and stage your home, it is still important to price the home appropriately.

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